Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some stuff broke this week, and it was good!

What broke? The water heater.

Well, at least it smelled like it broke. Mark called me down to office and asked me if I smelled bleach. Yeah, it sure did, at first. Upon further investigation we discovered the odor was coming from the water heater in the storage room, and its stench caused me to cough when I entered the room. We called our landlord, and he discovered a melted wire inside. He repaired it, but suspects there is more problems to come.

What's good about that? Thursday we were super glad that we are renters!!! Picking up the phone to call the landlord is a lot easier (on the wallet) than calling a plumber or an electrician. And that's not all! That storage room where the water heater is, is supposed to be our craft/sewing/project area but was one big junky mess being a dumping ground for all things out of place or for projects that yours truly did not have the discipline to put away.

In order for Jacques to work on the water heater, I knew I needed to make some space for him. And I was also embarrassed about him seeing it. SO...I faked a little cleaning. And after he left, I was pretty motivated to get it in better shape. I spent a lot of Friday getting it cleared out. There is a lot of work to be done still, but it is now a space with space!!!!

What else broke? My laptop.

I've been tired this week. And I've dropped a lot of things--a Tupperware filled with peanut butter kiss cookies, a box of nails, and my laptop. And yep, it died! I was up late working on a project and making cookies too. I ran downstairs with my computer to show Mark something, and when I came back up to set it on the bar, I must have tripped. It fell a couple feet. I continued working, so I guessed it was okay and breathed a sigh of relief! But the next morning when I went to turn it on so I could finish my project so Mark could take it to a meeting later, it wouldn't wake up. I might have hyper-ventilated!!

What's good about that?

I have a good husband that thought to back up my files last week, so I was relieved to know all was not lost. (happy scream, here)

And that same sweet husband spent a lot to time over the last couple days working his computer magic. Not only was he able to recover the stuff that I had worked on since that beautiful back-up last week, he also got this baby up and running this afternoon. So, it made me thankful for my very intelligent (it's not everyone who can bring a computer back from the dead) and thoughtful (it's Christmas break so I don't absolutely NEED this thing for a bit) amoureux.
There was more stuff that broke? Yeah, a giraffe ear and some hearts.

Who really cares about the giraffe ear, although the unbalanced state that I was in this week made it seem tragic.

And the hearts. Well, let's just say there were some tears shed this week here. 4/5 Billingtons cried over various circumstances. I was just trying to figure out a way to make the 5th one lose it too. Maybe that's why I dropped my computer. It didn't work, though. Mark's the stable one around these parts!!

What's good about that?

The broken hearts...well, I might be exaggerating a little bit here. I don't know how broken any of us were when we cried. Maybe we just wanted our own way. Maybe we were just frustrated. Maybe we were lonely. Maybe we didn't want to eat our eggs. But we cried, and sometimes that just makes one feel better. Especially after a really GOOD cry!!

And on that note....Happy Christmas week to everyone!