Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hyped up about Skype

A couple of years ago I got me a Skype account so I could communicate with long-lost buddies from high school who were planning a big Numonohi reunion. We were never really able to get the conference call thing working very well, but we did manage to do some planning via the chat feature.

But since the successful reunion, I've never once used Skype. I forgot about it, actually. So this week, when my brother, Dan suggested we try to set up a time to talk (and use our laptop's built-in webcams) I didn't think I'd even remember my "handle".

After just a few minutes we were up and running, and we were looking right into Dan and Gwen's family room. And smiling and yelling our greetings at them.

When we had run out of interesting talk, we let the kids take over. And oh, did they ever have a blast. I've never seen such silliness. There was a lot of giggling, face-making, and even sharing snacks (I think Jake had a brownie, so pretending to grab that chocolate seemed to be very funny to everyone). There was a lot of yelling, "HUH?" too. That part, I could have done without.

And then Sam took great delight in scaring his beloved cousins. Probably scarred for life!!

It had really been a tough day for me. I was feeling quite sad. Amazing how a little face time with the ones you love can really lift spirits. And with the complete and total foolishness of 3 boys...well, it was good medicine!