Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Come Let Us Ignore Him!

The term for a misheard lyric is mondegreen. According to Real Simple magazine it is a word coined in 1954 by Sylvia Wright. When she was a little girl, Wright misunderstood the lines of the English ballad "The Bonny Earl of Murray". The words are, "They hae slain the Earl of Murray and hae laid him on the green." This is what she heard, "They hae slain the Earl of Murray and Lady Mondegreen."

Here are some more mondegreens from Christmas songs:

Olive, the other reindeer instead of All of the other reindeer in "Rudolph"
He will bring us windows and limes instead of He will bring us goodness and light in "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
Police have my dad instead of Feliz Navidad in "Feliz Navidad"
While shepherds washed their socks by night instead of While the shepherds watch'd their flocks by night

And my all time favorites are two from my nephew (Jake) and my niece (Lydia) that my sister-in-law just shared with us.

Jake sang, "Oh, come let us ignore (adore) him."
Lydia sang, "Gloria, He made Chelsea Spranger" for Gloria in excelsis Deo. You have to try this one to understand. Sing Lydia's lyrics out loud while listening to the song being sung. It sounds PERFECT!!

updated from original post: The other day Joel and I were on the way to the grocery store listening to a CD of scripture songs. He said, "Why does it say, 'Your grace and some fishin' for me'?" I know I need a little grace when I go fishin'!!