Monday, December 7, 2009

A snowy Sunday afternoon in Old Quebec

I like killing two birds with one stone. Who doesn't, actually?

I needed to go down to Vieux Qu├ębec to check out the German Christmas Market for Dix Mille Villages (Ten Thousand Villages) to see if it would be worth it to have a booth there next year. So, I thought it would be a great family activity. We invited our friends (L and N and their girls) to come along with us.

As seems to often happen with us Billingtons, we just had a vague idea of where it was and we kind of just drug our friends all over the city to find our destination. We hadn't been in the Old City for more than 15 minutes when it started snowing furiously. I thought this was perfect,timely and romantic, but I felt a little bit alone in that sentiment,Well, Emma looks pleased, I guess.After asking several people and getting nowhere, Mark ran to get a map while L ducked into a store to buy some boots. Even with the map, we were still wandering the streets for quite some time.So when we finally found Holy Trinity and the booths set up outside the church, we were glad to have found what we were looking for. There were so many people trying to crowd in between the two rows of booths, that it was almost impossible to stop and look at anything. (I didn't make any friends by stopping a few times to take some pictures.) So we scurried through the passage like rats in a maze. So after the 2 or 3 minutes it took for us to get to the end, L said with a smile, "Well, we're done!" And Mark found this terribly amusing. We did end up pushing our way back through to stop at a shop selling sausages with sauerkraut. Which reminds me...I saw family enjoying one of these sausages, and then I saw one lying on a snow-covered table. It was a funny sight, so I took a picture and nearly got my head bit off by the mother standing there. She was upset thinking that I had taken a picture of her son. I explained what I had snapped. She was okay then. I did end up getting her boy in the shot, but she doesn't know it. And I certainly am not going to post it here (just in case)!! Oh people, sometimes!!The church was open and was holding a concert so we smooshed ourselves in there with all the other people who were wet and cold to hear some beautiful music and warm up a bit.
I could have sat there for an hour with my eyes closed soaking up the lovely sounds!But there were other things to do, like go home. So we parted ways in the parking garage and came home. I say it so much that I wonder if people are tired of hearing it. We live in such a beautiful place. I just can't get over it sometimes.Now taking reservations at the Billington Bed and Breakfast! We can almost guarantee SNOW (at least for the next 4 months)!!

Don't miss this!!

My brother, Rich, sent this link to me. And we are all enjoying the festive, humorous, creative talent that is shown here. Thanks, Rich, for the song...and the other stuff :)!

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