Friday, December 4, 2009

The anwer to the Thursday afternoon nonsense!

Well, folks, here's the other side of that mystery object I was holding up with a fork. It was MY breakfast (one whole egg, 2 egg whites)!!!

Yep, overcooked and quite rubber-like. I ate it. And I've eaten this same disaster many times. To me it is a symbol of the results of multi-tasking. I throw my eggs in the pan to cook. Then instead of waiting there patiently for the 3-4 minutes it takes to cook it, I tell myself that I have time to go put the laundry in the dryer. And on my way back from doing that, I see a few things out of place and decide to take them to their homes...well, you know how it goes. 8 minutes later I find myself sniffing the air and wondering what that smell is. Then I remember and rush to pull my eggs off the burner. But it's too late. And the whole family thinks this mighty funny. And they wonder how it is possible for me to choke them down when they look and smell like this! But I'm no food snob, I say.

So...I suppose that we have our winner. Sarah and Lynette are right, but Lisa was first with her egg guess. I'll be getting in touch with you, Lisa, to get your prize to you! Yipee, a winner!

Thanks for participating, everyone!! A welcome diversion!

P.S. All good guesses (except maybe yours, Tina :). Kelli and Nick, I was thankful for Google so I could check what roti and kombucha are. GROSSSSS on the kombucha (I mean it sounds terribly yucky, but I'm willing to be corrected).