Monday, November 30, 2009

Warning: ugly pictures ahead

I love Quebec and think it is a beautiful place--most of the time. There is ONE month, however, that is quite void of beauty. Might I even say that it is ugly?? It's November. There are no leaves left on the trees and there is no white snow to brighten up the place, but that is not the worst of it. It's the following...
It's the completely ridiculous-looking wrapping that people cover up their plants with. I went out yesterday equipped with my telephoto lens and stalked just one little neighborhood, just so I could bring you these most ugly pictures.

We are not lacking here for ingenuity or resourcefulness, that's for certain!
Here is the evergreen cage.
Should these big huge bushes even be protected? Oops, almost spotted!
Somebody stop me!
Burlap seems to be popular this year!Here we have some very well-designed tree houses. Identical and even painted to match the house. Sorry, still ugly!
But you really should just use what you have. Green or orange.
I hate to say it, but putting Christmas lights on these eye-sores, does NOT help.
Okay, I'm going to have to say it again...these bushes just shouldn't even be allowed. Just let the heavy snow have at 'em.Maybe the bows are supposed to detract from the bandaged flora.
Now here is some whimsy. I do think that these adorned with some lights, could be quite charming.

It's a teepee!
Bird house?? Are those air-holes?
Some serious love and devotion is shown here.
How long did THIS take??
Would the sight of these structures (especially ones this tall) strike fear in the hearts of new-comers who were about to experience their first winter??
I still don't know why the grass is covered. Is this so that in late April when the ground is still covered and you just really need to see green, you can just grab these tarps, lift, and dump the offending snow into the streets to melt?
Note to self: must come back to this yard in the spring and see what beauties are so painstakingly sheltered here.
And yet again, I ask myself, "Why bother?" Could the piles of snow pressing in on these guys really make things worse?
Turn away, quick!

Very well thought out, this one.
And to add to the unsightly sights, there are these "abri" that save you from shoveling and provide a snow-free tunnel that leads you directly from your warm house to your warm car.This is how the structures look before the white tarp-like material goes up. All those steps will be completely covered and will not see the tip of a shovel all winter. Some days I wish for one of these things, but then from whence would come the occasions to get some extra cardio in 2 or 3 times a week.
Heaven forbid, you should need to shovel a couple steps before beginning your day.
And just to temper my sarcasm a little, I'm telling myself that maybe an 80-year old woman lives here and that her dear sweet grandchildren splurged on this bit of luxury for their favorite senior citizen.

Oh, snow, please come quickly!!