Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, I hope he's wrong!

I was putting laundry away one evening. Joel was hanging out with me, following me from room to room, and chatting non-stop. He wanted to know where his Batman pj's were. I explained that they are summer pj's and that I had put them away. Could he wear them next summer, he wanted to know. When I explained that they would most likely be too small, a little conversation about growth ensued. We looked on the back of the door to see how much he had grown since he was 1, and we noticed where the bigger boys' marks were and talked about how Joel would be that tall one day. We then walked into the bathroom to put away some towels. I asked him if he thought Mom and Dad were growing. He thought yes, that we were. So I explained how adults don't grow (upward, anyway). This was new for him, I could see, as he looked me up and down and thought about that for a bit. The wheels turned awhile longer and then he said, "So you're gonna have one more birthday and then you're done!!"

Ten reasons to support fair trade

1 Develops trade relationships that people can count on.
2 Ensures fair pay and safe working conditions.
3 Builds sustainable local economies.
4 Supports community development.
5 Empowers women.
6 Protects the environment.
7 Results in higher quality goods.
8 Connects with other cultures.
9 Creates opportunities for capacity building.
10 Gives you a choice and a voice.