Monday, November 23, 2009

Help! I'm smitten!

The cause of this little bit of chaos: a craft project that I'm crazy about! Each year, our church does a little Christmas craft night with the ladies at the YWCA. We try to offer ideas that the woman can make as decorations or gifts to give their loved ones. I volunteered to "teach" one of the gift craft ideas. I searched high and low for the perfect thing. It needed to be simple enough to complete in 2 hours. It needed to be NICE and not a tacky-looking thing that no one would really ever give as a gift (sounds obvious, but this criteria nixed a lot of the ideas I found). And I wanted it to be "repeatable" with items easy to find and not too expensive. And then I found this. Made from a pair of gloves, quite simple to put together, and charming as can be, this was THE perfect thing.
So I just had to make a couple as examples. A picture just wouldn't do, you know? And I had a ball. These guys are just too darn cute and fun to make.

It was a big hit at the craft night, too. The ladies got super creative and made up their own creatures. The creating seemed almost therapeutic. Most didn't finish (so oops on that one), but I left them with the supplies they'd need to complete the project. They promised they'd show me the results on Wednesday when I go back to help with their food-bank run.
I was more than happy to have another reason to make yet one more a few days later. This time, for a baby shower. And I like this guy even more.
I had a hard time giving him away! :)
And so losing control of my dining table for a couple days was worth it! I think I see more of these days coming!