Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good things

For the last 6 days, 3/5 of the B's have been down for the count with some very powerful bug. So here came the weekend, and the sick ones were tired of being sick and cooped up, and the healthy ones were ready for a little excitement. So...we got wild and CRAZY.
with raspberry muffins for breakfast, a lively round of The Dangerous Book for Boys board game on Friday night,a leaf-raking session on Saturday morning for some fresh air and hard work (done by some in slow-motion),carving pumpkins (yes, we know, we might possibly be the only people in the world who carve pumpkins one week AFTER Halloween!),And there were some naps too...just to remind us that we aren't yet at 100%.

And because we love our friends too much to let them get this flu, the three sickies stayed home on this morning and are about to have our own little home church service: Fear-- from the Book of Proverbs.

P.S. Speaking of good things...I've been listening to SSC's Beauty Will Rise this weekend (I think I've already got a favorite) and read this good article.