Monday, November 2, 2009

Q & A

Q: What do you do when your Thursday night dinner guests call at 6:00 pm and say they can't make it??

A: Enjoy the not-your-normal-week-day meal (complete with creamy carrot soup, chicken curry, and apple crisp) together as a family in the clean company-ready house.
And then instead of spending the evening chatting over coffee and dessert at the table, you go out together and run some errands and come home late with Tim Hortons coffee (for certain members of the family) and eat dessert while listening to Dad read the current book.

Q: What do you do when a sweet girl from church says when leaving your house one night, "Do you know how to make pumpkin pies?" and you say yes and set up a Friday afternoon to bake some before realizing she meant from a real pumpkin and not from canned?

A: You wish you could go talk to your mom who CAN make pumpkin pies from a pumpkin. And then you Google how to make a pumpkin pie and study up a little before Friday.

Q: What was the verdict on the pies when the whole 3+ hour process was over??

A: Well, Joel informed Mark when he came back on Saturday night (just in time to take the kids Trick or Treating) from a weekend planning retreat for Credo, that he didn't like the pumpkin pie and that it had a taste of boogers. Hmmmm!
Q: What do Slash, Bob Sanders, and a skeleton have in common??

A: They were the chosen costumes of three sweet boys and the cause of some headaches for a procrastinating mom who spent a lot of Saturday sewing bones onto a black turtle neck and long underwear.
Q: What do you do with your husband and thee boys when you're hosting a girls-only birthday party on Sunday afternoon?

A: You banish them to the basement. This sounds pretty low, but let me tell you, they were more than happy to be banished to the only room in the house with a television to watch the Dolphins vs. Jets football and eat bowls of Hoosier chili.
Q: How do you get out of cleaning up the kitchen after a big birthday bash?

A: You tell the girls at 4:30 that you are sorry to leave them, that they are welcome to stay as long as they wish, but that you have an event for Ten Thousand Villages that you need to attend. And when they say they'll be glad to stay and clean up, you try to refuse, but then you realize what a good deal that would be, hug them good-bye and rush out the door.
Q: What happens to a family that has had a little bit of a hectic week and a packed-out weekend and probably hasn't gotten adequate rest or the best nutrition??

A: 4 out of 5 Billingtons suffer from coughs, runny noses, and aches and are thankful for a no-school Monday so they can all stay home, cuddle up next to the Kleenex box and watch movies, read, and sleep.