Monday, October 19, 2009

Counting my blessings today

:: A week-long visit all the way from Germany from precious friends, Katja and Johannes:: Friends for my boys to eat caramel apples with
:: A house with enough space (when all the furniture is moved to the sides) in the dining/living room for my boys and their friends to play mini-hockey.
:: This boy and his funny ways
:: Books, delicious books... and knowing the kids have a love for them too.
:: Fall color, bright sunshine, and the really nice sound that comes from walking in leaves.:: Working together, sometimes peacefully.

:: An enlarged heart after an incredibly good day at church yesterday. So encouraging to hear stories from six people of how God found and saved them. So good to see everyone there (it was a FULL house). So pleasant to sing a new song and be overwhelmed by the beauty of it and the talent of the girl who wrote it and taught it to us. It was a GOOD day!