Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brought together by bread!

A couple years ago, I put up this picture of me kneading bread on Flickr. A very nice lady left me some very nice words. She and her family love Quebec and even have an apartment in the Old City. So we had in common motherhood and bread and Quebec...and a friendship began.

This past weekend, I was surprised to open my email and see a short note from D' saying she and her family were planning to spend the holiday weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) in their apartment. She invited us to meet up with them for coffee. We spoke on the phone and arranged a time and place to meet on Sunday afternoon.

3/5 of her family and all of us B's walked around the city (and did a little geocaching, much to my boys' delight). It was cold and windy, but a great deal of fun.
Click on this picture to see it the way it really is. Blogger did something to it!

And then D' very generously invited us up to their beautiful apartment for minestrone and apple pie. That evening as dinner was being prepared and the 6 kids were playing, there was a most incredible storm--wind, rain, snow, thunder, lightning. And then about 15 minutes later, around 6:00, all was still, the sun came out, and the sky was absolutely gorgeous. These two shots were taken from their balcony.
We were so blessed to spend time with this beautiful family. What a fun adventure!