Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily "Christmas letter"??

This week I had a conversation about Facebook with someone very dear to me. We were discussing just how narcissistic we found a lot of our friends to be. Seems that FB has been a place for people to promote themselves. This realization over the last few months has been highly disappointing to me. And then the conversation turned to blogging. He said, "Yeah, blogs are like the Christmas letter, only instead of once a year, it's like every day."

Ouch. Okay, so that has been on my brain all week. And it's been a tad bit hard for me to think of posting. Anything I think about sharing somehow feels like I might be making my little handful of readers roll their eyes with disdain.

I think this next paragraph is going to be okay. I've put it through the Christmas letter filter and I don't think it would make it in, so I believe I'm safe.

Today was a rough day in this house. There were tears, arguments, and bad attitudes. No one was working together, no one was unselfish, no one was kind and patient and nice to each other, no one listened, no one made an effort to help (without being asked repeatedly), and the noise level went up and up and up. And as you might imagine, part of that noise level was me yelling. Yelling about the selfishness, yelling about the laziness, yelling about the yelling. I don't know when I've been more happy for bedtime.

And now tonight as I sit here in peace, I'm guessing, as much as I hate to admit it, that the tone of our house today was set by me. I'm sure you don't care to know all the reasons that I wasn't exuding love and patience and kindness today. Let's just say that I'm aware of my part in this bad day...and I'm glad for fresh starts. God says His mercies are new every morning. Wow, that's hopeful!

Here's to a new day!!

P.S. There was SOME beauty in our day. The above collage is made from pictures that were all taken today. Just look at that color, would ya! (Is this too Christmas letter-ish?)