Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cleaning out my brain!

:: My brother, Dan, introduced us to E.S. Posthumus. The first time I heard Isfahan, I was driving home (from the store, probably) and I was completely overwhelmed. That was about two years ago. And I still have the same reaction whenever I hear it. I have a hard time explaining what it is about this song. It makes me a little bit sad, it makes me hopeful and a little bit glad, inspired,, I'm having a hard time describing what it means to me. I was thinking the other day about the song and was wondering if it has the same effect on others. So I did a little research. Here's what I found that other people say about Isfahan:

"This is one of those pieces that speaks to me...and says something beautiful."

"This is great stuff. Every time I listen to them (ES Posthumus), I get a rush. It's like every little tone and sound speak to me."

"My imagination and Isfahan made me tear."

"I don't know why, it makes me think of when you want someone impossible to reach. The resignated (new word?) contemplation for something you'll never have. Painful devotion."

"This is 'real' music, it show true beauty and emotions."

And after I read all those statements, I felt in good company. Take a listen! My very favorite parts are from 2:00-2:30 and from 3:20-3:40.

:: The window had broken in our shed (see pic below) and the kids were taking advantage of that by using it as a football target. Last Saturday, I replaced the broken plexiglass which they were not thrilled about. I suggested they make a target. And so they did (with some scrap wood and the help of Dad).
They are pretty happy about it!
:: I love the color that we can see out our front windows and am getting a little sad thinking that soon all those trees will be naked and everything will be gray (until the snow comes).
:: I told a few months ago about how our grocery stores are encouraging their clients to bring reusable bags and are charging 5 cents for a plastic bag. It's a huge pain in the neck. (Can you tell that I forget my reusable bags quite a bit?)

So our family loves this cartoon that Sam found in the newspaper the other day. The guy holding up the store is saying, "The cash register, quick...and put it in a bag." The cashier says, "That's 5 cents for the bag."

:: We received an interesting letter in the mail the other day. It was from Sallie Mae, the company that gave Mark his student loans way back in the olden days. The loans were all paid off some 14 years ago, so it was very strange to read the following:

Dear Valued Sallie Mae Customer:

We want to advise you of a correction on one of more of your paid-in-full loans.

You were inadvertently charged a late fee and for that we apologize. The enclosed check refunds the last fee and any excess interest you paid as a result of this error.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and again sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

Sallie Mae Customer Service

Imagine our surprise and joy to find this check! Yes, it is for staggering amount of $1.37!!

We are so glad that this error was found and rectified.
:: The design of a spiderweb alone is amazing, let alone it's strength. A thing of beauty!
Well, there's still some junk piled up in my head, but that's enough for now.

It's 12:03 a.m. Happy Sunday!