Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Since Sam started secondaire 1, it seems he's rarely here. He doesn't come home for lunch like he did when he was in elementary school and his days are a bit longer. On top of that, he takes the city bus to and from school which is longer than a car ride because of stops and the little bit of walking he has to do to get to the bus. If he has basketball practice (Tues. and Fri.) that's after class (4:30) and then he's home in time for dinner, which must be scheduled a little later than usual.

And well, we miss him around here.

Saturday, he and Jack were working together in the kitchen (Jack emptying the dishwasher and Sam re-organizing the plastic containters and lids). I heard Jack say this to his big brother, "It feels good to have you home, Sam."

Amen to that, Jack!