Sunday, September 27, 2009

One day was not enough... celebrate the birth of Mark, lovely husband and cherished dad.

So, Friday night we started off the festivities by a cold walk to a neighborhood pizza place. This sight had us giggling as we walked into the restaurant.
The pizza was good, the conversation was easy, and we lingered, enjoying the change of pace and the making of memories.
Saturday morning, Mark had a meeting. So while he was gone, the kids made him cards and I got us ready to head out as soon as Mark returned from his meeting.

We had been invited to our friends' chalet for the afternoon and evening.

We took off with high hopes of some good fishing and good times spent with dear people. But the trip turned into a little of a fiasco as we decided to follow Lola (our GPS) and not the email directions we had used the last time. A trip that should have taken an hour and 15 minutes, took us twice that (and more).

That frustration was coupled with Jack's bouts of car-sickness. He's always had a bit of trouble on long rides, but this day was worse than usual (reading does nothing to help, but a car ride for Jack without a book is, according to him, pure torture). You probably think me terrible for taking pictures of my "sick" kid instead of being out there helping him, but it was just a false alarm. He took 5 minutes and walked around, once in awhile glancing at us in the car with a silly grin. And we were all smiling back at our goofy Jack. It was a little comic relief during bit of a tense road trip.All the annoyances were quickly forgotten, however. Seeing our friends and the gorgeous surroundings at La Belle Verte (The Beautiful Green--the name of the chalet), breathing in the crisp air, soaking up the afternoon sun...heaven!Mark was the only "lucky" and most patient fisherman. He caught all seven perch. And he was ready to toss them all back thinking they were too small. But that's all they ever catch there in that lake, so Jean-Fran├žois and Francine convinced him to keep them.
ItalicAnd then we had a lesson in how to prepare them (from beginning to end) which was super interesting for the boys as I'm sure they've never eaten any fish they've caught. I was quite fascinated (with a eewww look on my face, I'm sure) as well.Oh man, they were GOOD as was the rest of our supper!There was sugar pie and birthday cake for dessert. It was a lovely day!Sunday morning before church was a cinnamon roll breakfast (I'm seeing how this birthday celebration revolved quite heavily around food)!
Mark leading worship time.And after church we had Mark's requested meal (Hoosier chili) and German Chocolate Cake.

Sidenote: We are not able to find German chocolate cake mix here in Quebec, so a few years ago I found a recipe that I use when I feel the need to find a way to Mark's heart. It's pretty easy (until it comes to making the icing) and is very NICE!!! I don't think I would use a mix, now, even if I could get my hands on one.And Monday morning we just kept on celebrating. After all the kids had gone off to school, I took Mark (along with breakfast, coffee, and a book) down to the river about 1/2 mile from our house.We spent the morning eating, chatting, appreciating the beauty around us, and reading.All good things must come to an end...and that was the end of the 4-day birthday party!
If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were loved by wife, then thee....anne bradstreet

Happy Birthday, Markus! Je t'aime!!