Monday, September 14, 2009

Motley Thoughts

:: Joel went to his first day of pre-school yesterday. He will just be going 2 mornings a week. This will hopefully get his brain ready to listen to French all day next year. He surprised me by going right on into the room, waved at me, and started playing with some tools he found. When Jack and I picked him up a little before noon and asked him how it went he said, with a slight grin, "It was my worst day of school." Who knows what that was about--getting a reaction, repeating something he's heard from his bros...whatever it was, I'm glad that he got the worst day of school finished and out of the way. That should make his next 17 or so years of education stress-free.

:: Jack heard yesterday on the bus that there was going to be an earthquake (are these forecasted?). So, of course, he spent the next half-hour asking billions of questions and worrying. My telling him that I had experienced lots of earthquakes growing up meant nothing. One of the last questions (before we decided it had gone on long enough and banned any further talk about it) was, "Where is the safest place to be, in an earthquake?" I looked up from my work to see him and Joel standing in the doorway eating their apples. He had definitely crossed, in that moment, from curious to ridiculous. I'll just say that I pretty much lost all patience at that point, but watching them stand there munching their apples is a memory that will probably make me smile the future.

:: And speaking of natural disasters, Jack, true to character, asked earlier in the day whether one could survive a tsunami. Joel said, "What is a salami?"
:: We got a new door!! J'adore!! More light inside, more character outside. The color is brun muscade (nutmeg brown). The name alone brings me joy! There is just one problem. Now the house number, the mailbox, and the light fixture all look shabby. Hmmm.

:: Saturday night, I made these sloppy joes that I round on Rachel Ray's site. I couldn't find any chipotle peppers so I used fresh jalapenos and I served it on whole wheat buns. Everyone loved this. I think it's a keeper.

:: Sunday was a very good day. I hope to post about it soon.

Okay, I've got to go see about attaching a Matchbox camper to a Playmobile jeep. I'm guessing duct tape will do the trick. Have a fine day!