Thursday, September 10, 2009

In which I try to make amends

Tonight Mark took the boys to the park for an hour to shoot hoops while I prepared supper. When they came back, I surprised them with a special meal outside complete with a tablecloth and even candles.

Their reaction did not disappoint. They were all so appreciative and happy. About the location of the event AND for the menu.Salad, garlic bread, and lasagna is not our normal fare for a weeknight.Nor is cake, for that matter.But I kind of felt the need to atone for a string of pretty boring, ho-hum meals I served the last few days. No one had complained, but I didn't need them to. I was bothered by own lack of inspiration. So call it what you will--restitution, compensation, a settlement, when I told Mark that I felt it was necessary after what they had "endured" all week, he said that maybe it would take one more good meal to make it right. And I might have stuck out my tongue at him.

(Then he disappeared to a meeting and as I tackled the big fat mess in the kitchen I decided that I had paid my penance.)