Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We survived

My favorite redhead had some fears going in to his first day of third grade (there were rumors that the teacher "is mean" and he wondered if his friends would remember him), but he was all smiles when I left his classroom. He even walked home for lunch all by himself and was so light-hearted all afternoon. It seemed like he grew up overnight.
Sam went off to secondaire 1 (secondary 1= 7th grade) with some apprehensions of his own, but he had nothing but good things to say about his day. He looks a little less stressed tonight going to bed then he did last night (and a little more tired).
And despite the look on Joel's face here*, he had a nice day too. He played sheriff for a couple hours in the morning and then went to spend the afternoon with some friends (his substitute grandparents) They took him on a walk to some falls and then to get ice cream.

*This picture reminds me of one we have of my little brother on MY first day of Kindergarten. There he stands alone after his big brother and sister have gone off to school with a shirt that says, "Be nice to me. I've had a hard day."

Good job, guys!