Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beauty all around...almost

:: Yesterday I went here, with a group of ladies, and got an overdose of color and loveliness.
:: Sunday we attended a birthday party for Coralie, the sweet baby of one of our friends, Caroline. Caro's sister was there, too, with their adorable, Lucas. It was almost too much for me!!look at those edible cheeks
:: And speaking of is my gorgeous new vacuum (ebay steal at the low, low price of $52). This thing acually picks up dirt (unlike my previous vacuum) and I'm fascinated with the machine. I know everyone here hopes this obsession lasts more than a week.
**In honor of my friend, Codi, who really doesn't like it when people paint only rosey pictures of their day-to-day, I must add that there might be something around here that is not so beautiful. That would be the collective stinky, rotten attitude of my dear children. 6 weeks away from home, without a routine and hard labor, and swimming in good fortune lavished on them by grandparents and friends, leaves my boys pourri. And so begins the work...

See you NEXT year! :)