Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo shoot in Quebec City

Last week a friend asked me to take some pictures for her in Old Quebec. It was a nice time, made especially fun by some moments in particular. Here I share some "outtakes".
We stopped to take some shots at an outdoor café. About the time we were finished, this man came out to take our order. I explained that non, we were just snapping some pics. He said, "Of me??" and quickly put his arm around Cassandra and smiled for me. I think he's pretty photogenic, don't you?
As I was shooting away in this street, I saw two men enter the scene with what looked like a window to me (I did not have my glasses on). C turned around to look when I mentioned it, and said, "I know those guys!"
Indeed she did!
Cass changed into this pretty dress and we found a really great spot in front of a gate under a gorgeous tree.
When I moved to the side to get a different angle, I had to laugh when I looked at the screen, and I explained to Cassandra that I had made her look like Eve as she is depicted in many a Bible story book. And then she did this...
These two just walked by, asked if they could get in the picture, and posed. Just like that. Just like a couple of friends. This picture really makes me laugh.

We ended the shoot with a stop at a dairy bar for an ice cream for her and a fair trade espresso for me (but that's another story for another day).