Friday, June 19, 2009


Wednesday I went to breakfast with my friend, Noëlla. When we came back to our house, our landlord and his wife were trimming trees and bushes in our yard. Louisette had said the day before that she would bring me some plants and flowers to spruce up our place (I had done NOTHING yet this year). Noëlla had some other errands to run and a friend to visit, but she offered to come back in the afternoon and help me put in what Louisette had brought. I was thrilled with her offer.
Noëlla turns 70 in July. I tired out WAY before she did. I'm thankful for her precision and attention to detail, because everything looks so good, but there were a couple times I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, that's good. Let's just get 'em in."

Joel needed to dig too. His twin, Athena, (born on the same day, same hospital, and lives two houses down the street from us) wanted to "help" him.
Joel didn't eat any dirt that I'm aware of. So why is his face so dirty? My nails look quite a bit like his face does!!