Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Signals of Summer

There are cetain things that signal the beginning of summer for me. Ways that I would know it's that time of the year without looking at my calendar.

:: Wildflowers that can be found in the woods near the track where I run sometimes. Bringing a few home to put on our table is my reward after a good workout. Actually, I can't pass by these without picking them, whether I gave it my best or not. So, I guess they are my reward for just hauling myself over there at 6:30 in the morning.

:: Our lilac bush (uh, tree) blooms this week every year. All the other varieties have long since bloomed and have no more flowers on them. And then out pop these purple lovelies. I've got to have these in a vase somewhere in my home too.

:: The public pool 5 minutes from our home opens. And it's free. Sam has been there three days in a row. I told him today, that after school I needed him to help me extra around here, and that he wouldn't be able to dessert us this day. He said, "Oh, I'm going to break my swimming streak." I'm not conceeding.
:: The flurry of activity that is the end of the school year--field trips and parties and picnics. The kids' last day is Monday.

:: The flurry of activity in our home as we plan for our annual trip to Indiana. The last chances to meet up with our friends for coffee or for dinner. The deep cleaning that I feel is absolutely necessary before heading out for six weeks. Knocking things off the list one by one.

And now I have been sitting here long enough to ice my poor swollen heel and need to get outside to plant some wonderful flowers that my landlady brought over for us today. I'm trying very hard to not think about how her gift means that I need help in the gardening department, and that she finds our yard a little boring. I'm trying only to think of how generous she is and how beautiful it's going to look when they are all planted. And I'm so glad my friend, Noƫlla, is coming over to help me get it right! Pictures to follow!!