Friday, May 29, 2009

Multiple Choice

Due to Mark's back problems this week, we had a tough decision to make concerning our trip to Pennsylvania for my Triathlon Sprint, which we had really been looking forward to. These were our options:

A. Forget the whole thing. It's one weekend in my life. It's not that important in the scheme of things. There will be other opportunities to try this.
B. Go just as planned. Mark is miserable sitting here in our home. He could just as well be miserable in the car and in the hotel.
C. Maybe not a smart idea to take Mark. Go it alone. I can do this by myself. I've trained. Mark has sacrificed to give me the chance to train. We've reserved the hotel. We've got a car-rental reservation. We've paid the fee for the event. Just do it. Alone.
D. None of the above.

Tune in tomorrow to see what we chose.