Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Letter Home

Hello again from the Billingtons,

First we want to thank all of you for your prayers for us (particularly in regards to Mark's back). We appreciate all your notes and emails and calls. I don't think we would have made it through that time without the support of all of you.

We feel a little bad that the only news you have had from us recently has been about Mark's physical condition. Other things are happening too, but we haven't been good about getting out any other news. Credo church is growing spiritually and physically. We are encouraged by what we see God doing in and through the members. People are really being faithful to participate on Sunday mornings and we see a desire from most to apply God's Word to ALL areas of life.

The kids are doing well. Seems hard to believe that another year of school is drawing to a close. They have another month so it will be hard for them to keep their heads in the game with all the beautiful weather, longer days, and the anticipation of our upcoming trip to the States. We will be spending the month of July reporting to our churches and spending time with family.

Unfortunately, Mark is again experiencing more terrible pain. We aren't sure yet what it is or why it happened. He seemed to be recovering nicely from his herniated disc. He was daily doing exercises the physical therapist had told him to do and was sleeping well and able to move about doing most every thing as before (except hard physical exercise). Then he played soccer lightly with Jack last Tuesday night and has had trouble since then. It was bad, but Monday morning he woke up to excruciating pain and has been suffering greatly ever since. He can only get "comfortable" in a straight-back chair and has spent the last 36 hours sitting up in agony (not sleeping more than 10-15 minutes at a time). We just got back from the clinic where a doctor prescribed some pain medication and told him to see his family doctor. I was able to get him an appointment for Monday, but that seems a long way off.

Please pray that we would not simply be trying to get out from under this trial, but that we would learn what it is God has to show us. Please pray for grace to keep going and for us to bring glory to Him even in the hard times.

We love you and thank you so much for your continued prayers for us.

Jill (for the Quebec Billingtons)
1565 Chavigneau
Quebec, Quebec G1X 4C7
(418) 658-0931