Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting brave

Okay, I've mentioned quietly that I'm preparing for a triathlon sprint. I was afraid to speak of it any louder than a whisper. Afraid that by announcing it to too many people that I'd have just that many more admissions to make of my failure to actually follow through if I didn't manage to deliver. I now have less than two weeks until the big day, and I think I need all the support and encouragement that I can get. And maybe the fact that more people know will be just the motivation I need to push through the next 14 days of training. I'm tired and I'm a bundle of nerves (and I'm suffering from self-diagnosed plantar fasciitis).

I've also done a couple things in the last week or so that I've NEVER ever done before.

1. I walked into a (teeny tiny) surf shop in Quebec City. Now just in case you aren't sure where we are situated in relation to the nearest ocean, take a look at this.And just as we made our way back to the wetsuits (I must have one because I will be swimming in COLD Black Bear Lake in PA), the phone rang and the one and only salesgirl in the shop answered it. As soon as I saw the price ($239.00) I said to Mark, "Let's get out of here!" He, being the more rational, suggested we wait for the girl to get off the phone saying it seemed impolite (between his wisdom and my crude ways, I feel like a child quite often). It was a good thing we waited (yes, I'm saying you were right, Markus) because the sweet girl proposed that we rent (which we had never considered) and the price for doing that is a lot more reasonable.

And then the girl strongly advised me to try the suits on to see which was the right size for me. You wouldn't want to find out on race day that your suit was too tight and constricted your movements (actually that seemed like a pretty good potential excuse to use should I not do well in the swimming leg). She went out to the van (huh?) to get a couple and when she came back she handed me a SMALL. I said, "I'm not small!" And then for the next few minutes there was mutual misunderstanding. I meant that I'm bigger than small and she thought I meant that I was XSmall (Cara, Gretchen, and Lynette: I'm starting to think this should maybe be a "blog bonus") and went out to the van to look for that, probably all the while talking to herself about the lady with denial issues. I stared at the small, left it there in the chair and grabbed the thicker medium suit. I went back to the curtained-off area and started to squeeze myself into it. Mark will tell you that he was finding this whole situation very funny, as he listened to me straining and pulling. He said it sounded like I was working out. And it felt like it too. I was thinking to myself, "All this time I've been worried about my bad swimming and have been going frequently to the pool to train when I should have been practicing putting on wetsuit." I had the silly thing just past my ankles when I decided I would NOT be wearing that if it was going to take so much effort to put it on. And (silly me) I didn't realize that the fact it was a tad damp was the reason it was not going on. The nice girl handed me a DRY medium (when Mark realized what she was out looking for and I sent him out to the parking lot to stop her from her search for an xsmall) and I actually got it on and breathed a sigh of relief. Okay, maybe I can do this!

2. I have my bicycle parked in the dining room.

Rewind 16 years :: I bought Mark a beautiful spanking new bicycle for a wedding present. It was too precious to him to leave in the storage shed at the apartments where we lived. He said she needed to live in the house. Much to my dismay, that bright florescent yellowish/green bike hung on our bedroom wall until we purchased our first house.

Little did I know that one day, MY bike would live in the house. I have a hybrid, but Mark said I would absolutely need a road bike. We found a great bike with good quality components, old but very well maintained and for the right price. Mark also said that I shouldn't risk it getting stolen before the triathlon, so because two of his bikes have been stolen here, right from our yard (yes, one was his wedding gift that hung on our bedroom wall), I agreed with him and parked it in the dining room. Crazy, but it kind of matches :)