Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Musings from the grocery store

Tuesday morning is grocery day at our house. I sometimes drag Joel to 4 or 5 stores trying to get the weekly deals at each one. Other times I don't have it in me, and we just go to one or two. I can safely say that Joel prefers the days when I don't have the energy to do the Super C-Maxi-Provigo-LoBlaws-Metro Tour. And I have to add that NOTHING I do as a mom wears me out more than grocery shopping with Joel. Not only are my brain cells working as I decide how much of this or that I will need, which brand of cheese is the better deal, and even sometimes planning my meals (because a weekly menu didn't get made), I'm listening and forced to respond to the constant chit-chat. It's pretty cute, I'll admit, but I do get exhausted.

Last week on the way to the store, Joel said, "What does remember mean?" Now, that one stumped me. How would you answer that question? I tried, but it wasn't very good. Something about thinking about things that happened before.

Later on, while we were talking and shopping, I stopped, leaned down and grabbed him up in my arms (just because he was being so cute). He said, "Remember when....(and I don't remember what he said)?" And when I said that I didn't, he said, "I think about too much stuff, don't I?" And I did NOT say, "No, you TALK about too much stuff!"

At that same store, I noticed all the pork was marked down 50%. People are afraid. I know that, but I didn't think it would be that visible in the store. And speaking of the swine flu, I saw this in the paper last week

A couple who decide to go ahead with their vacations plans in Mexico, but taking the "necessary" precautions. Won't their tan lines be FUNNY!!!!

A couple weeks ago, my favorite natural peanut butter was on sale ($2.33 for a 750g-jar, normally over $4.00). They were out, so I got a rain check. I had her put 10 jars on the form!! Yesterday, I was glad to see that they were restocked and loaded the cart with my 10 jars.

While checking out, I heard a woman say to her friend,
"Oh, that's where all the peanut butter went!"
I said, "Well, there were two other boxes in the back of the shelf when I got these."
They laughed and said it didn't matter, that they still had a jar left at home. But they were clearly fascinated with my hoarding.
"You cook a lot with peanut butter?"
"No". I said.
"Do you have a big family?"
"No, there are 5 of us." (I guess that's big here, actually, where there is a negative birthrate). I just really like peanut butter, okay? (this part I did not say out loud)When Jack saw the jars later on after he came home from school, his eyes got really big and he said, "Wow, that's a lot of peanut butter. That will last us about 2 months!"

I hope it will last just a little longer than that, but I probably won't be disclosing my prediction here.

Over the last couple years, there has been a big push at the grocery stores to buy reusable bags. They are for sale everywhere you go and some stores would even give you 5c back on every bag you brought with you. Were they just gearing up for this new thing? As of 3 weeks ago, at most stores, if you need a flimsy plastic bag, it's you who pays 5c!! I'm all for cleaning up the environment, and I go shopping with my assortment of reusable bags in tow, but if I forget sometime, I'm probably going to try to carry out my items to the car in my arms!! I'm just saying!

Maybe I "think about too much stuff!"