Monday, May 11, 2009

To Mom

A woman who fears the Lord..."her children rise up and call her blessed."

Things I admire about my mom
She was always there for us kids. Always there when we came home from school. Always there to massage aching legs (of which I had a lot growing up). Always there for listening to problems. Always there for help on school projects, even if there had been extensive procrastination. Always there to teach, encourage, love. Always there.

She was/is NEVER lazy. My memories of her are of a woman constantly on the move. Whether it was writing letters or doing laundry or preparing meals or cleaning or being a hostess...she was putting all she had into it. I don't have pictures in my head of a mother sitting around, watching TV, feet propped up on the coffee table reading romance novels, or gabbing to friends all day. I don't know if I ever saw my mom IN bed because she was always up long past us kids and up before the crack of dawn.

She prays. Mom's prayer journal is filled with long lists of people that she prays for. And she does it consistently and with purpose. When I heard her tell people she was praying for them, I knew it was a true statement and not a cliché.

My mom is a passionate woman. When she believes strongly about something, she speaks out about it. No wishy-washy for her!

My mom is frugal and enjoys finding ways to save money. Never materialistic or consumeristic! I watched her sniff out bargains and make the most of good deals by stocking up. I observed her as she would try her hand at making something that she needed before even thinking of buying (my mom was "green" way before it was popular). And such a resourceful lady too. She had all kinds of ideas for how to reuse items (sometimes we made fun of her for this, so... sorry, Mom) instead of tossing them.
My mom gave us a love for reading. She read many, many books to us, she provided books for us to read on our own, and she took us to the library (except that time it was closed for National Book Week). Even when we were teenagers she would read to us at supper time and during our family's Bible study time.
My mom taught me how to teach. I watched her on countless occasions teaching Sunday School or religious instruction classes in elementary schools. I saw her prepare and plan and present clear and interesting lessons. I probably got my desire to become a teacher from her. At least I knew what to do!!!

Mom was a recorder. A recorder of family history. And I always loved knowing that the story of our lives was written down either in her journal or in letters. We always loved the times when she would get out one of her journals and read to us from it about "when I was little."

My mom loves God and is passionate about others knowing and loving God too. This I admire most about her!!

I love you, Mom