Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yes, I am now 10 times the age of Joel.

I had THE best time. Not only was turning 4o painless, it was actually completely enjoyable!

I took a 7.5 -hour road trip to Syracuse, New York (mid-way point between Quebec City and Columbus, OH) on Thursday to meet my friend (and college roommate) for two days of talking, laughing, eating, etc. What a nice time that was. She made the time so special and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. My dear and beautiful friend, Heather.

And then (unfortunately, there are no pictures) when I got home on Saturday, my boys had decorated the house, prepared a wonderful supper, and made a carrot cake. We ate and then went for a walk along the river. When we came back we had cake, and I got the blessing of talking to a few family members who called me up to wish me Happy Birthday.

I'm so grateful to Heather for her generosity of time and money to do this for me. And I'm just as thankful to Mark for letting me go, being mom and dad for 3 days, and for being so gracious to me and happy for me to celebrate this way.

I already felt overwhelmed by the extravagance of a weekend away, but then Mark and the boys surprised me with a terrific little GPS (I call her Lola in honor of one of my favorite silly movies, RV). My life is forever changed! Never lost again. I can't even imagine!!
This is why I need Lola. I got lost on my trip to Syracus and ended up here. Oops! Well, it's true, I did get lost (more than once), but there is a Mexico, New York so it wasn't what you're thinking. But I wouldn't put a far-fetched mistake like this past me!

And then Sunday there was a surprise party complete with all the lies that accompany such things.
That big mouth says it all!
Some of the girlies who came to celebrate with me (and humiliate me).

When Monday came, there was some introspection (and ensuing emotion) that I suppose normally comes with such a milestone. It wasn't necessarily getting older that did it to me, but some things that took place during all the celebrating. It was heavy, the self-analyzing, but coming through the other side, I could see the good of going through it. I might share some of my conclusions in the coming days if I feel courageous enough to do it.

Until then...peace!