Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little slice of Billington life

It's not just the big events that I want to remember. It's the daily, run-of-the-mill stuff we do too, of which I want records. So today...a little bit of the ordinary.
It rained today. And before it did, it was warm and windy--just how I love it! Mark had the car so the boys had no choice but to walk back to school in the rain. Joel and I accompanied them partway because...we wanted to. We gave this umbrella to Joel for his birthday and we hadn't had a chance to use it yet.
Mark saw these pics and said, "You took your camera out in that rain?"
We got a later-than-usual start on supper because we had 3 neighbor kids here after school until their mom could get back from her classes. Joel helped me peel the shrimp--something he finds extremely interesting.
I gave 3 haircuts somewhere in between preparations for supper. Jack was the best client this time, so good-humored and patient. And then I cut his ear.
He forgave me. Eventually.
Mark and Joel played Old Maid while Jack got a shower and Sam fiddled around with InDesign (desktop publishing software application that I've been showing him how to use).
Then we ate stir-fry! So good, if I do say so myself!! And Proverbs 6 for our Bible-time.
Jack did some homework when the after-supper chores were done.
And Joel and Sam made it hard for him to concentrate by having a little brotherly tussel.

Then I saw that a friend had sent me this, and because we all love the song, we gathered around the computer to watch.
Mark read to the guys while I finished cleaning up the kitchen and worked on some laundry (and took pictures).
And when all was still on the second floor, I sat down to work on a couple projects, and the urge to maybe go for a walk after I finished (hence, the hat). The urge got smaller as I worked and I didn't go.
Mark went down to the basement to do his physical therapy exercises (such a good boy!) and then practice his guitar.

And this is where I'll end the commentary!

The end!