Monday, April 27, 2009

A Weekend Retreat

We had a wonderful weekend away. It was our church's retreat. The place was just perfect and what made it even better was that it only took us a half an hour to get there.

The kids were a little concerned that there would be nothing for them to do. There was no kids' program included in the retreat so they were prepared to entertain themselves with books, games, and their mini-hockey equipment. So imagine their surprise at finding two pool tables, a ping pong table, and a huge playground. They were really great at occupying themselves as there was just one other boy (two year-old) at the retreat.
It was different from any other retreat that I've been to. The program was not jam-packed full. We only had 2 sessions with our conference speaker (theme was communication) and a couple activities planned, but the rest of the time was free for us to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL 80-degree weather and to just be together and relax.The horses on the grounds were a big attraction. You can tell we are city-dwellers!!

All the kids loved the weekend, but Joel was especially "in love". He has said several times since coming home, "I want to go back to the cabin."
He sang, went exploring in the woods with anyone that would take him, hung out with his buddy, Zacharie, and ATE (as we all did). The food was tremendous. More like a restaurant and less like camp!!
Mark and Pierre-Luc took turns leading worship time and on Sunday morning played together. The sessions on communication were very well communicated (!) and not so much that we had a hard time processing everything.Time away+sun+nature+not having to cook meals+being with friends+learning and growing+change of pace and scenery=most excellent weekend!

Now I must get back to reality and finish a weekend's worth of dirty laundry!