Sunday, April 5, 2009

How we jump the gun every spring

No matter how much we love snow, we start to get giddy when we can once again see grass, when our patio is partially visible, when there is MUD!

And every year, because we are so excited, we probably get out our outdoor toys a little earlier than we should.
And I most likely allow my children to play outside without the appropriate outerwear. I mean, it WAS 50 degrees on this day. Must be some kind of record!

After all, our pallid complexions are just screaming for some rays of sunshine.

And if you are a boy, you must use machinery of some kind even if there is nothing to mow down. And you must fish around in an icy puddle to find and hurl globs of mud if you are lucky enough to have one in your backyard.

And if you are a mom who has invented a game called "Crazy Running" as a way to get your little guy some exercise every day after lunch. And if you have said, "Put your gloves (and/or boots, hat, scarf, coat) away," more times than you care to think about. And if you have looked out the kitchen window to see your little one slinging mud bombs across the yard with great pleasure and have imagined yourself joining in...

Well, you will possibly understand these pictures. And you will perhaps be gracious enough to not judge me when I tell you..
that this little boy now has a cold.