Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming out of our hibernation cave...

to summarize the last few weeks chez les BillingtonSam had a birthday party. We rented the school gym for a couple hours and he, his friends, and his brothers played non-stop hockey for the entire 2 hours.
Before the games, they boys chowed down on burritos, chips, salsa, and birthday cake.

Joel didn't participate with me in my decision to turn off the computer for a few weeks.But he did make some time to get out and enjoy the snow. I took this picture from our upstairs bedroom window.
The position of J's Tonka truck made us laugh for a couple days.
There was the normal Billington boys favorite activity of trading cards and the most often heard phrase from my mouth, "Pick up your cards, please." (always said that nicely, of course).
Many, many mini-hockey games in the basement or living room.
And injuries due to the rough games. This one was inflicted by Jack. Sam's black eye got prettier and prettier as the days went by.
Joel and I planted seeds (maybe a little too early, but we couldn't wait any longer).

and have been enjoying watching the wonder of growth.
And we blinked... and our baby Joel turned 4!!
There was a LOT of reading. Especially by Jack. He is devouring books (and ignoring the family in the process).

The boys and I read Summer of the Monkeys (thanks, Simone, for the suggestion) and thoroughly LOVED it. Mark is reading Matilda to them now and I think they like it almost as much.
We found new (to us) furniture on a site similar to Craigslist. So now we have decided to repaint the livingroom. It was time, anyway, for a fresh coat. The decision of color is, of course, paralyzing me. I'm not proud about wasting time on something so unimportant (in the scheme of things) as the decor of my home.
There have been many runs and walks in the last month. It's so great to be outside without body fluids freezing in minute 3.
We've had a lot of ice this winter. So, because of Mark's back, I've been the chief ice chopper (our steps are treacherous), salt and sand buyer, and snow shoveler. I don't mind one bit. I like that stuff.
And...there have been experiments and tricks and building projects...all inspired from The Curious Boys' Book of Adventure.
And look! Mark is getting stronger every day. He started physical therapy yesterday. We are all happy to have him back with us in body and spirit. Of course, he is not 100% yet, and I have to keep reminding him to slow down. He suffered quite an injury and we must be patient and wait for time to heal. Easy to say, hard to do.
We also celebrated two important dates. Mark and I had our 16th wedding anniversary on the 27th of March. We had a really fun evening (thanks in part to our co-workers who watched the kids for us) being together, analyzing our lives and dreaming of the future.

And yesterday (April 1st) marked our 8th year here in Quebec. We've been living as foreigners 1/2 our married life.

And just to end this post in a completely foolish fashion, here's one of our favorite youtube videos.