Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Lately, I've been "tagged" a lot on Facebook! The one that's going around is 25 Random Facts, Habits, Goals, etc. I have never participated, but I've enjoyed learning a little more about my friends.

Last night I had a date with my #1 son. We went to a fancy restaurant after supper and had coffee (me) and dessert (him). Who knows why this came to my mind, but I told him a "random fact" that one of my friends from my MK school had shared recently (that she hates to hear people breathing). I grabbed paper from my purse that we had brought so we could play JOTTO and told him we would each write 5 random facts about ourselves to share with each other. It turned out to be very good idea (even if somewhat challenging to find something unknown to share).

Here's what I learned about Sam:
1. I kept an apple core in my desk drawer for 3 months in second grade.
2. Most of the papers I give you from school are a day late.
3. I found an old orange peel under my desk when we rearranged my room.
4. Sara is my favorite girl in my class because she is not too girly.

Good to know!

And here's what I shared with Sam
1. I "hemmed" one leg of my black pants on Sunday with duct tape.
2. I hate to have my nose pinched.
3. I think earwax has a weird distinctive smell, but when I tell people, they act like I'm nuts!
4. When someone whispers in my ear, it sends me to crazyland complete with chills up my spine. (This was detrimental to my job as listener of secrets when I was a schoolteacher)

His conclusion on learning more about his mother? "I don't get you sometimes."

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Quebec City holds a pretty incredible event (combination between downhill skiing, hockey, and boardercross) that we decided would be worth braving the cold on Friday night to see. Actually, Friday night was just qualifications.

We layered up, buttoned up, and zipped up and headed out to Vieux Quebec. Unfortunately, we missed all but one skater. ZUT!

But the city was filled with excitement, the lights were all still on lining the track, and so we walked up to the top and just took in the sights (and marvelled once again that we live in such a wonderful place).
As we were slipping and sliding along the snow covered streets, a couple guys, who later identified themselves as journalists, asked us if we had been able to watch the qualifications. We said that no, we had missed them. They said that they had too, so maybe the info in the newspaper had been wrong about the time?? Anyway, we joked with them that it had taken our family half an hour to get bundled up and then to have missed what we had come to see was a little disappointing. They found that pretty funny (the part about it taking us 30 minutes to get everyone out the door) and asked if they could have our names and print up our comments. (We didn't see our words quoted anywhere, but it was fun to think for a few minutes that we might have been "story-worthy")

the Chateau Frontenac looking particularly horror-movieish

"They stand on a wall, and say nothing's going to hurt you tonight...not on my watch."

Thanks to our new friend, Dave, who has been staying with us for a bit while he finds an apartment for his family, we actually got to see the race. He went the next night (we were not really up for the effort it would take to go again) alone and caught some video. Enjoy!


Hope I've convinced some of you by these pictures that it would be worth it to come on up for a visit!!