Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Of pomegranates, Christmas decorations, Nerf guns, and some positive thinking!

Another ADD post. Because my mind is flitting around from one thing to another.

*I had never purchased a pomegranate. I had seen them in the store, but I wasn't sure what to do with one once I got it home. And then one day I just decided that they looked too good not try one. I googled how to eat a pomegranate, followed the directions, made a huge mess, served the results in a fruit salad, and concluded that I would indeed buy more.

I found several different ways to get the seeds out (which is the part that you eat), but the simplest way, in my opinion, is to cut the fruit in half, hold one half over a bowl and hit the skin with a wooden spoon. The seeds just fall out. The hitting causes a little juice splattering, but our kitchen is used to that.

Have you ever eaten one?? I'm just saying that they are GOOD (and good for you apparently)! I did not take the above photograph so I can say, "Doesn't it just make you want to go get one right now?" I really want you to so you can share my joy.

*My Christmas decorations came down very slowly and over a period of days. I was thinking about how easy de-decorating was in 2008. I'm glad we weren't sick this year, but I must admit that I was a little bit glad that I was last year when I looked up from my nap on the couch to see everything GONE!

I had this mess on my table for too long. Finally I put it all in the storage room yesterday, but I'm still working on packing it (and trying to rid myself of some stuff I just never use). This is definitely one of my least favorite things to do, but I don't guess anyone really likes it.
The popular toy or game at our house right now is a Nerf gun. Sam and Jack each had one, but the bullets had been slowly disappearing so they weren't receiving much action. The other day I bought a couple more packs. While I was looking, I found a gun that I thought Joel would be able to operate. I paid $0.00 for it because it was marked with one price and rang up much higher. According to the store's price policy, they had to give it me. So now everyone is happily shooting foam bullets at each other and at the walls and even
at the ceiling.
And everywhere I look...there are bullets. I don't even regret buying them, however, because the fun the boys are having outweighs the small annoyance.

I decided a couple of days ago that there was definitely an upside to having none of our family come visit this Christmas. We didn't have to go through those dad-blamed good-byes that I hate so much. And there was no empty-house feeling that I always get after guests leave. Yep, there IS something to be thankful about.