Thursday, December 18, 2008

"How much do you have to hate somebody..."

Mark and I just watched this video 5 minutes ago. And wow... I'm almost speechless. Here's a perspective on evangelism from atheist/commedian Penn from Penn and Teller. VERY interesting!

Of parties and knights

Joel and I spent most of yesterday preparing for a dinner party at our house. I set the table early on in the day which is so completely rare for me to plan this way that I had to take my own temperature to see if I was feeling okay.

And at one point I looked up to see Joel sitting like this at the end of the table just waiting...and waiting. Looking now at the picture, I realize that it does not at all communicate the charm and the warmth and the humor with which the real live scene hit me. But I guess that is the way it is most of the time.

And veering off the subject just a little, I must share a sweet story about our knight. Thursday morning while I was at the dentist, Mark was at home being Mr. Mom. Joel was looking for a belt to slip his sword into. Mark couldn't locate one in J's closet so he had an idea to look in mine. When he saw something he thought would work and called the little knight to him, Joel seemed reluctant and said a little sheepishly, "Do knights sometimes wear their mommies' belts?"
We did indeed eventually have dinner. It was very late due to a dumping of snow that we received throughout the day which caused our guests some difficulty in arriving. There was plenty of food, lots of laughter, a little gift-exchange--good times!