Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, mon beau Jack!

On Jack's birthday (the 12th) during a supper of tacos (his choice), I got out copies of some letters that I had written over the years so I could read stories to Jack of when he was little. I found some great memories. Here are a few that I read to him.
January 19, 2005 (age 4)
The other night we were discussing church--what it is, why we meet together, etc. I asked Jack what his favorite part about church was. He said, "Going home."

January 12, 2005 (age 4)
Sam went back to school on Monday. It was a sad day for everyone. I nearly cried myself when Jack woke up and realized that Sam was going to school and had a good cry about it. He said through his tears. "No, Sam doesn't go to school in the dark." It was 7:00 and barely light yet. He just didn't believe that the fun had come to an end.

March 9, 2006 (age 5)
A conversation I had with Jack the other day
Jack: I'm going to be very sad when Sam goes.
Me: Goes where? You mean when he grows up and leaves home?
Jack: Yeah
Me: I will too
Jack: Will you cry when I grow up and leave?
Me: You know I will.
Jack: I'll come back and visit.
Me: Oh, good!
Jack: (after a little pause) But I'll need a map.
And this one from just the other day...
He turned over a card he had received and read the small print
(made especially for you by)...He kind of sighed and said, "It's good to know how to read now."

We're so thankful for the joy Jack brings to our family and the life he adds to our lives!