Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party time!

We had a birthday party for Jack today. He invited 6 friends from school, so we had a houseful of boys all afternoon. I love the sound of boys playing, giggling, chatting. I don't know if there are many sounds I like better.
It was pretty darn cold today, but we still held part of the party outdoors. I had already cleared out quite a large area in our backyard after our first two snows, so this morning I went out and made the spot a little larger so the kids could play out there. They played a game they learned in kindergarten first. Then we gave each of the boys a mini-hockey stick (Mark's great idea for a party favor that wouldn't lose it's appeal the first day or break 10 minutes later) and they had a great game with Sam as the referee.

No one complained about being cold or not wanting to play. I love boys!
Léon (look at those lashes)
Jack with his best friend, Élie
We also gave them each a pack of hockey cards at the end. They enjoyed trading for a bit before they dispersed.
Jack thought it was a pretty fun party. And so did I--it was those cute, sweet boys that made it so fun. Did I mention that I love boys!