Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas gift guide

Don't you just love receiving a gift that you know took a lot of thought and effort on the part of the giver? A gift that shows just how much you are known, how much you are loved. Sometimes those kinds of presents don't cost a cent. Following are some ideas I've collected. Please feel free to add to my list if you have any thoughts.

1. Daily calendar
You know the kind where you rip off a page every day. Make one with all your favorite quotes, one for each day or a quick phrase for each page about the recipient that shows why you love and appreciate him/her. You can find templates online or make your own using Word or InDesign.

2. An ABC letter
Mark gave me one of these while we were dating. He had a word to describe me for every letter of the alphabet. If you want to melt a heart, this one is sure to do it.

3. A video
Make a video for someone far away. Show yourself at all your favorite places. Show daily life. Maybe the whole video could be ONE day in your life. We're doing this as a family for some certain people who shall remain nameless until after Christmas!

4. A tribute
This might sound grim, but what if you didn't wait till a special person in your life dies, to voice how you feel about them or what they mean to you? Write or record what you would say at that person's funeral.

5. A song
Mark is really great about being able to put his thoughts about the kids and me into poetry. And sometimes he puts it to music. My very favorite is the song he wrote, played, and sang for Jack when he was a toddler.

6. Recipe book
Collect special family recipes and put them all together in a special way. This is a gift you can add to every year.

To be continued....