Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our No Turkey Day!

First of all...we were thankful that the kids had today off from school for a teacher work-day. There was no turkey, no football, no pumpkin pie, and no big family celebration, but we spent a wonderful day together. Here's what we did:

1. A little brotherly reading time (with nary a suggestion from Mom or Dad)
2. Blueberry waffles made by Mark and Joel
What is the appeal of mis-matched pj's (I don't have cute pj pictures like these)
3. A quick game of Uno
4. A family game of mini-hockey in the living room (this one wore me OUT!)
5. A trip to the movies to watch Madagascar 2 (we chose to watch the English version and had the WHOLE theater to ourselves!!)
6. Sam's basketball game (Coeur-Vaillant Campanile won 48 to 8--we were even cheering for the other team by the end, it was so painful)
7. Pizza and a couple episodes of Ozzie and Harriet
8. Another chapter from the book we're currently reading (Torches of Joy)
9. Lights out (for the kids)

And just for fun: If I already didn't have enough reminders today that I wasn't celebrating an American Thanksgiving with my family, it certainly was emphasized this morning with two phone calls. The first was an American friend who lives 10 minutes away. She remembered that a couple years ago, I had found French-fried onions for a green bean casserole that I made for a Thanksgiving meal, and she wanted to know at which grocery store I had found them. I joked with her about needing some myself, and she said that she wouldn't take the last one. The second phone call was from the same friend. She was laughing and told me that, in fact, there had only been one can in the store. She graciously said she would give it to me, if I wanted it. I let her have it! :) This could never happen in Indiana!

And just so you know, we WILL be celebrating Thanksgiving in the more traditional way with some American friends on Saturday. There might not be any French-fried onions on our green bean casserole, but it's sure to be a nice time.