Saturday, November 15, 2008

Walking with Joel

Joel hates to take walks. He really does. I wish it weren't so, but it's true. I try not to let his disdain for them discourage me from taking him with me anyway. It's not going to get better if we do it any less. The boys usually walk home for lunch (if we are not already out in the car and passing by their school at right time). It takes about 10 minutes. They can for sure do it alone without an adult, but I love to take advantage of this daily happening to spend some together-time with Sam and Jack and to get Joel out in the fresh air for some exercise.

On this day, Joel asked me if he could take his axe. Oh course I agreed thinking it would be a distraction for him. It was FANTASTIC. He didn't have time to complain about how he was tired or that his back hurt or that he wanted me to carry him. He was too busy looking for wood to chop, riding his axe like a pony or chasing us with his weapon. I'm sure we looked like a bunch of crazies running down the street away from a 3 year-old axe murderer, and it took us a good while longer to get home, but at least we didn't hear any whining. Success in my book!!