Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little raking, a little jumping!

Saved by a bread bag

Twice a month I leave home at 7:00 a.m., arrive at the YWCA, load the car with empty boxes with the help of one of the women from the Y, and we head on over to the local food bank which is named Moisson (harvest) Quebec. At 8:00 the doors open, one representative for each of the organizations who come on that particular day throws his/her card into a box and there is a random drawing to see what the order will be for each car or truck to be loaded. I'd say it takes 15-20 minutes for each order to be filled so being, say 10th, is not such a good thing. We've been first and we've been 12th and everywhere in between. If you aren't there at 8:00 for the drawing, you're last and've got yourself a long, cold wait in a tiny section of a warehouse with mostly men.

Wednesday was Moisson day. I thought about it the day before, I saw it written on the calendar. But at 7:17 (yes, I know the exact time) I was in the kitchen making breakfast thinking about how my day would go. I looked into the pantry trying to decide whether to serve the kids healthy homemade bread or the raisin bread I had just purchased on sale the day before. Oh shoot, I thought, the raisin bread is fresh--let's go with that. As I walked to the toaster with the bread, I took note of the brand. Hmmm..Moisson du..oh, no! Moisson...I'm supposed to do Moisson Quebec today. And I'm supposed to be in the car right now!! I ran up the stairs, yelled to Mark that I was leaving and that the eggs where cooking on the stove, grabbed my coat, said good-bye to the kids and ran out the door still in my workout clothes. I made it!! We got to the food bank with 9 minutes to spare and we got picked third. I was back home by 9:30.

Most people have daytimers. All I need is a bread bag if it has the right words on it.