Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The party-ers!

It's so nice to spend a Friday night with friends or doing some family activity outside, but once in a while, I just love spending a Friday night here at home with no particular plans. That's the kind of Friday night we had last week. Sam went to a friend's house in the afternoon to work on a school project and then was invited to stay an have supper. The rest of us spent the evening in our living room just being togther, but doing our own thing.
Joel mostly rocked out on his guitar. Jack worked puzzle after puzzle. I read and practiced taking pictures with my external flash Mark bought me for my birthday. Mark read.

I don't know how many people would agree with me (Joel doesn't appear to), but the home-body in me was VERY happy to spend a Friday night just like this.

Happy Birthday, Jake

Dear Jake,

Sorry about missing your birthday. Sometimes we are little behind here at our house. We sure hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and your friends.

It sure was fun to see you this summer and to spend more days with you than we ever had before. We loved it when you came with Lydia to stay at the Tooleys house. Jack was so happy to have you there to go swimming with, to read with, to eat ice cream with, and to giggle with. And of course being with you for a whole week at Topsail Island was wonderful. I loved watching you jump in the waves and play games.

You are a super neat kid and we are glad to know you and to love you.

Uncle Mark, Aunt Jill, Sam, Jack, and Joel


Sam had a basketball tournament all day Saturday. We spent an entire hour and his first game looking for the school where he was to play. The address on the sheet we were given was incorrect, so we were very much in the wrong part of town wondering why no one on the streets had heard of this particular high school. After much frustration, some bad words (not too bad), and even tears from Sam over missing his game, we just drove back home to consult the internet yet again.

We did find the place in time for him to play his second game. And all was forgiven...I think.
I really don't have good luck taking pictures of sports inside so these non-action shots are all I'll share. That first game, Sam's team was beaten by a LOT, so of course, we as proud parents concluded that it was because of his absence. Sam's snort said, "Yeah, right!"
Joel insisted on wearing this hat to the tournament. This really amused me.
Jack was at a friend's birthday party all afternoon which explains why he is not in any of these pictures. Joel did okay for spending his whole Saturday either in the car or watching "big" kids play ball, but he spent the last 10 minutes of the tournament like this.