Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thank God for little boys

I'm not going to lie, this last month has been rough. I say all this realizing just how many people there are all around the world who suffer from hunger and cold, from chronic illness, from devastating heartbreak. I would never ever hold my my own sadness up to that and complain about my troubles, but that being said, I, in particular, have struggled as of late. September was bad backs, strep throat, loneliness, discouragement, blue moods, tears, and probably just a little too much drama (as you might have guessed).

In spite of all that, there has been one bright spot, one silver-lining. Joel, our three-year old, has really been a source of joy for me. He's got a face that lights up, he gets very excited about the mundane, and he says just the funniest things.

Here are a few little things that have cracked me up.

One day, Joel slept longer for his afternoon nap than normal. I knew I should wake him up or he would have difficulites going to bed, but the peace and quiet was so heavenly that I didn't. As I had thought, at 8:30 he was NOT sleepy. Jack had long ago fallen asleep, and I could still hear Joel in his bed groaning and sighing. I finally went in, turned on his little light and let him "read." In the morning he said, "I was frustrated (he has a very cute way of saying this word) last night. When I asked why he said, "Because morning was not coming."

Sam came home from school one day telling joke after joke. They had each had to tell a joke to the whole class as an assignment, so he had fresh ammunition. Joel had been listening with great intent. So after Sam told an irreverant one about Jesus not wearing shoes so he could save our souls, Joel said, "Why did Jesus not wear shoes? Because he wore sandals."

This week when I hung up the phone after a conversation with a girl in our small group, this how the dialogue went:

Joel: Oh...I wanted to talk to her.
Me (surprised that he could figure out who I was talking to, especially since I was speaking French which he doesn't understand yet): Who was I talking to?
Joel: I don't know. Some old lady.

A long time after he went up to his room to clean it (not something I had asked him to do), and after I had called up there a couple times to check on him, he called down, "I have cleaned the place up!"

Maybe you can't see why these made me smile. I've come to the conclusion that most kids stories are funnier by far for the parents who know their kids inside and out, who know what they've never said before, who know what they've heard their brothers say, etc. And then there's the expression on the face that cannot be described, but that sometimes is as funny as the words that come out. Anyway, just writing them down has cheered me up, so it doesn't matter to me whether other people "get" it.

Well, here's to all the joy that kids give to their parents!! May you laugh today!