Monday, September 22, 2008

Sam and Jack Revealed

Ten Things that Bug Me
by Sam
(commentary by Mom in green)
1. Joel when he can't have what he wants.
uh, understand totally
2. Jack when he is stubborn (not very often, thankfully)
so nice to add that parenthesis
3. My MP3 player most of the time
it's not working correctly and seems to be a constant source of irritation
4. Certain people at school sometimes
5. Charles when we are competing against each other
one of his best friends since Kindergarten
6. Homework that doesn't make sense
7. Mom and Dad when I'm in trouble
have absolutely no idea what he's talking about
8. Alec when I'm in the middle of doing something
neighbor kid who talks a lot and always wants everyone to play with him
9. Jack acting like a doophus
I think the correct spelling is doofus
10. Jack and Joel's CD player right now
(Just because certain people are on this list it doesn't mean I don't like them.)

Things that Bug Me by Jack

1. Sam thinking I'm a doofus
2. Joel screaming, probably
3. One time at school, we were playing soccer and √Čli said, "You tripped me!" He just fell on the ground for no reason. I don't think I tripped him.
4. Mom saying I have to color
So mean, that!
5. Joel hitting me
6. Holes in my head (from Chicken Pox)
he means scars. Back when he was four and got the CP I told him not to pick his scabs or he would get scars. He said, "I want a scar. Scars are cool."
7. Crying
I think he means his own
8. Being afraid
9. Sam saying, "That doesn't make sense," when me and Jake were saying, "Thanks how you do that, Man."
This one makes me laugh the most
10. Car trips