Monday, September 15, 2008

Plan B


Friday night the kids invited their friends over for supper and to play baseball in the soccer field across from our house. It rained all day, so the baseball was OUT. Instead we moved all the furniture in the living and dining room and turned it into a volleyball court. They had a blast! We ended the evening with warm cinnamon rolls straight from the oven.

Walk in the woods

Leaf Man
Joel's expression is priceless. Jack got cropped because the photographer didn't have him in focus.
This is better.
What a beautiful evening it was! There is something special that happens to people when they walk among trees.
Joel walked almost 2 miles so he got a little ride at the end. Good walking, Joel!

Back to School

School started September 2. I think we are all revolting a little to early bedtimes and rigid schedules, but we'll adjust soon, I'm certain.