Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A million thanks!

Rick holding his newest grandson, Luke

We had a wonderful summer, and we have so much for which to be thankful. We were able to visit 6 of our churches, we saw a great number of old friends and family members, did a lot of "American things", and talked a lot since it was so easy to.

We would like to thank the Tooleys for once again graciously opening their home to us for the WHOLE summer. We know it is a sacrifice to have peace and quite broken so abruptly by a family of five, to have little sticky fingers touching dining room chairs, to have neighbor kids ringing the doorbell, and phone calls in the evening that are not for you. They endured all these things and MORE (I don't need to list ALL of our sins, do I?). We sincerly appreciate their willingness to provide us with a beautiful place to stay while we are in the States. We do not have the words to describe our thanks.
We had a very nice evening with the whole Tooley clan one day in July. The kids played and read together. The adults talked and ate..a lot. Here Delaney is reading to Sam and Jack.
Carson and Joel laughing at one of their private jokes.

And there was an Indians Game

One evening we met up with my parents and Rich, Aracely, and Noelani for an Indians's Game. The kids got in on the city's library summer reading program in order to earn enough points to score some tickets for the game. It was beautiful evening and company was good. There is just something about actually being at a baseball game--the sights, the sounds, the cheering, the singing, and the food. The Indians lost by 13 or 14 points, but it was still a great night! Joel and Noelani sharing chips.

Rich and my dad chatting and taking in the game.
Don't know what my mom and Aracely found so amusing.