Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family affair

Mark and I played a lot of tennis this summer. If the grandparents had the kids, we usually tried to get over to the courts to play for awhile. We had such a wonderful time! Sometimes we took the kids and they just did their own thing while we played (finding abandoned tennis balls, or listening to music or asking us a million and one questions) We took a tricycle with us for Joel to ride around on the courts, and this usually kept him quite occupied. Once in awhile we were even nice enough to let them play with us. They LOVED that and we had some pretty fun doubles games.

Sam was happy to have the tricycle too.
Success!! Finally able to ride a tricycle! Bravo!!

Reconnecting with family

All of Mark's family (except one of his 3 brothers) lives in Indianapolis. So when we are here, we like to meet up at Scott's (year younger than Mark). He has a great place for that!! There is plenty of space in his backyard for grilling, chatting, playing horseshoes, football, baseball, and basketball, and exploring.

I was amazed at how our three boys entertained themselves when all they had were trees and bugs and sticks.
oh, and I guess there was a pretty cool motorcycle too. They were all filthy when we left--just like boys are supposed to be.
Mark's Uncle Walt and his mom.

Brice is Jeff's 22 month-old son! We are all in love with him!

Playing games

We played a lot of games this summer. We played Grandson with Grandma and Grandpa Ernst. Sam and Jack played Memory--they especially liked the set that my parents found for something like a dollar at Goodwill. They also played Connect Four and Old Maid. I taught them to play UpWords, which I doubt will become a family favorite. Joel learned to play Candy Land (I'm glad for him, but not so glad for me). And we bought a new game called The Last Word. We were looking hard for one called Hit or Miss that we had played at friends' house a couple times this year, but when we couldn't find it anywhere we purchased The Last Word.
One evening Mark's mom, Joyce, came over to the Tooleys for supper. We ate burritos, took a walk, and then learned the game. It was a little disappointing because it is not near as fun as Hit or Miss, but I'm thinking that I can adapt it some, and maybe it could be just as good.
Grandma humoring us by playing the game even when she wanted to leave after our walk.
Handsome Mark trying to win!