Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where once I wondered...

there are now NO doubts whatsoever! I'm talking about whether homeschooling would ever be a viable option for our family.

This summer I've been working with the kids a little (the goal was every day, but that didn't happen) on some things I thought they needed to either brush up on (English spelling and writing) or review (French reading and other skills they each learned this year) so as to not be so rusty when the school year begins again.

Joel even wanted to be included, which really helped to make me crazy (or crazier).

I don't know how they do it, those homeschooling parents!! The organization needed, the patience demanded...I'm seriously astounded. One would think that after spending 5 years teaching in the Indianapolis Public Schools, I would be somewhat equipped with what it takes. But I've learned this summer that I'm not.

Give me a great book to read out loud, a nature-walk through the woods, a meaningful conversation over supper ANY day, but keeping 3 kids (spanning 8 years) on task with a pencil and paper is for the birds (or at least for someone with more wisdom and patience than I have)!!

Here's Sam saying with one pose, what we all felt like after an hour of "homeschool"