Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling almost normal

Noelani and Lydia with Mom

Having my parents back from PNG has been wonderful. Especially now that this summer we are staying only a 20-minute drive from where they are living. It seems weird to be able to just pick up the phone and call my mom, whenever I want to, and even if I don't really have anything important to say. It feels nice to just go over to their place and hang out with my dad in the kitchen just chatting while my mom makes lunch. And I really loved the idea of dropping the kids off at my parents' so they could spend the night with them--and the kids loved it too.

I could really get used to this. Unfortunately I'm not going to get the chance to.

A Strong Connection

A couple weeks ago we were able to meet up with some of our favorite people, the Strong clan. It's the family of our former pastor, Tom Strong. I think there were 26 of us altogether. My parents were there with Jake and Lydia, whom they were watching while their mom had her isolation time after an iodine treatment. We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Ron and Lynette's eating, watching the kids playing, and catching up with one another's lives.
Joel climbing with L and L.
Thanks to the Strongs for a very nice time. We love you guys!!

It was a fair day!

We love going to the Marion County Fair. This year was the most fun because we were a BIG group. Grandma and Grandpa Ernst, Jake and Lydia, Little Grandma Billington, Drew (an old neighbor of Joyce's that Sam played with back when he was a little guy), Rich, Aracely, and Noelani. We had great reason to choose the Saturday that we did. Rides were free from 12:00 till 1:00!!
Lydia, Noelani, and Joely
A race between Jake, Jack, and Grandpa Ernst
Joel's face here is pretty great!
Yeah! It was a success. The first time Jake and Jack climbed all the way to the top of the slide, they decided that one wasn't for them and climbed back down. Maybe they just needed their Grandpa!
Joel always points like this when he has something to say.
Drew and Sam got an elephant ear to share. What they didn't know when they bought it was between just how many people they'd be sharing it.
Oh, Jack spotted the delicacy.
And there's Joel, not about to miss anything sweet!
Grandma ErnstLittle Grandma eating blueberries with Joel
The highlight of the fair for Joel was getting to sit in the fire truck and in a Hummer. Who needs all that other stuff when you can pretend to drive a real vehicle?
Joel didn't part with his firehat for quite some time. We had to make him give it up for church the next morning. One night after a shower and before he was dressed, we caught him dancing around naked with his hat on. Simple pleasures of life!